Software skill

Bookhouse software development provides solutions for high-volume production environments using InDesign. As a service provider using InDesign extensively, Bookhouse has gained considerable experience providing productivity solutions to its clients in the form of AppleScript and Javascript.

Bookhouse has produced over 40 unique plug-ins for InDesign as well as a sophisticated page layout plug-in known as Page Tailor. This advanced software automates many of the complicated procedures involved in high-quality book layout and typesetting and is used to ensure consistent output by all our operators, as well as lighting-fast turnaround times.

Contact us to discuss your own customised solutions that we can implement on your behalf. At present, our in-house plug-in software is not available to the public but is used by Bookhouse to enhace our service to our clients. We do, however, provide custom programming services for publishing clients with in-house staff who are looking to greatly improve productivity or reduce production lead times.

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