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At Bookhouse, we love books. To share our passions we've developed this website as a guide to our services, as well as a resource centre for book publishers. You'll find information about book production services like the free Draft Manuscript Cleanup, typesetting (including dictionary and legal setting) and book design, as well as advanced online typography. We have extensive experience with web fonts.

The endmatter provides an extensive resource devoted to the ongoing advancement of production techniques for the benefit of our clients and the book publishing industry in general.

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dedicated to the art of book production we have more than 12 years experience we are passionate about book design we never hide our love of type the strive to save publishers time and money we specialise in book production some of what we do can only be found on typesetting is not a forgotten art draft manuscripts save you time communicating... not just making pretty shapes dictionary typesetting with distinction legal setting: fast and accurate web typography for advanced website design a unique online font library tools for publishers and printers Acrobat...PDF...Distiller... XML...CSS... Quark...InDesign... contact us

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